Eat Like a Mad Man


Inspired by the recipes in The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook, we revisit some 1960s New York hotspots.

Grand Central Oyster Bar

This restaurant still dishes up one of its most popular items, Oysters Rockerfeller, but not in a form Don Draper would recognize. Once served in the pan, the dish is now plated on a bed of spinach, with a hefty heap of hollandaise sauce.

21 Club

Legend has it that the bloody mary was invented here. Made with the traditional ingredients—like tomato juice, vodka and Tabasco—it didn’t pack quite the punch back then. Today’s more robust version features olive brine and horseradish.

The Forum of the Twelve Caesars

At this now-shuttered theme locale, waiters in velvet tunics offered wax-sealed menus, which served elaborately named dishes like “Oysters of Hercules, Which You with a Sword Will Carve.”

Barbetta Restaurant

The 106-year-old restaurant still looks as it did in 1962, but now it has a modern menu. Back in the day, diners had only dishes’ names to go on. Today, the menu includes descriptions and the year each dish was first served.

- Allyson Dickman, Lifestyle Editorial Assistant

From the April 2012 issue of Every Day with Rachael Ray