Hot Dish: In Praise of Pudding


A taste for nostalgia has people picking up their spoons. Find out where pudding is popping up after the jump!

Pudding’s been popping up everywhere, and it’s grown up since your cafeteria days. New York’s Puddin’ shop adorns the treat with toppings like salted caramel sauce, dried cherry compote and red velvet cake. Los Angeles’ bread pudding peddler Schulzies goes beyond chocolate and vanilla with 108 whimsically named versions, such as “Gotta Have Guinness!” and “Candied Yam, Yes I Am!” For pudding with bite, head to New York’s rice pudding eatery Rice to Riches for delectables like “Sex, Drugs and Rocky Road” and “Category 5 Caramel”—hardly Grandma’s classic. Even top chefs are getting into the act: John Besh plays with a jalapeño-sweet corn pudding in his cookbook My Family Table, and Grant Achatz’s Alinea cookbook embraces an olive oil base.

But the ultimate indulgence comes from UK-based chef Marc Guibert: A wealthy businessman bought his one-time-only, $34,000 rendition, served in a Fabergé-inspired chocolate egg and garnished with a diamond, gold and champagne caviar (pictured above). At over $1,200 per bite, it’s officially the world’s most expensive dessert.

- Alexa Weibel, Senior Copy Editor

From the April 2012 Issue of Every Day with Rachael Ray

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