EVOO isn’t just for the kitchen, these soaps use olive oil’s moisturizers and antioxidants to work skin magic.image 

(Pictured from top to bottom)

1. Alighiero Campostrini Fruttato, $8.50, bigelowchemists.com 2. Soap Cartel Naked Truth$9, soapcartel.com 3. Volta Organics ginger and grapefruit, $6, voltasoap.com 4. Kiss My Face olive oil and green tea, $3, kissmyface.com 5. Olivia Care moisturizing olive oil, $7.50, oliviacare.com 6. Lather lavender- lime, $8, lather.com

—Kara M. Murphy

From our September 2012 Italian Issue of Every Day with Rachael Ray

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