Neither rain nor tornadoes touching down mere miles away could stop meat-heads from heading to Randall’s Island for Josh Ozersky’s outdoor, mega food festival, Meatopia, last Saturday. Over 2500 foodie-fiends braved the elements to bear witness to over 40 world-class chefs paying homage to the carnivore’s delight, meat. Amazingly, the chefs—even with their one common ingredient—surprised and delighted our taste buds with newly created dishes ranging from sandwiches to skewers and whole roasted carcasses to scrambled brains and eggs.

A few of our favorite stops included April Bloomfield and Pat LaFrieda’s tents on “Carcass Hill.” Both all-staf chefs showed up the night before to get their Kansas City Style BBQ’ed Whole Hog and Whole Thousand-Pound Marinated Creekstone Steer ready to slow cook their way through the night and the results were well worth the effort!

Whole Foods kept things interesting with your choice of house-made sausage and their circus-themed “World’s Largest Sausage Topping Bar” tent with over 200 toppings ranging from from standards like chili, pickles and mushrooms to the more creative like yogurt, peanut butter and frosted flakes. We had to show some serious restraint to prevent our sausage from turning into a salad or dessert.

Overall, Meatopia was a mega success and our mouths were more than satisfied with everything there was to offer. Since last year’s event was a scorcher and this year’s event was weighed down by water, we can’t wait to see what kind of weather happens next year!

Check out more of our Meatopia coverage: here

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