The classic ballpark snack will always have a place in our hearts. Our taste buds, however, are doing a secret happy dance over these tasty chef-made variations. Just in time for Oktoberfest, Andrea Slonecker, author of the forthcoming Artisan Pretzels at Home, tracked down 8 of the nation’s best best.

  • Pretzel-Dusted Calamari at ABC Kitchen, New York, NY

In chef/co-owner Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s kitchen, Executive Chef Dan Kluger pulverized sourdough pretzels to become a coating for fried calamari. Find out more here!

  • Pretzel Spaetzle at Le Pigeon, Portland, OR

Über-creative chef Gabriel Rucker turns spaetzle nubbins into chewy pretzel pieces and serves them with crumbled sausage and seared pork loin.

Stay tuned as we share 6 more new twists on pretzels!