Krispy Kreme’s Summer Fair Flavored Doughnuts


The people at Krispy Kreme never stop trying to make a good thing better. While I love the classic glazed donut, these determined bakers are capturing the spirit of summer—fairs, to be exact—in two limited-offer donut flavors: Caramel Apple Cake donuts and Cotton Candy Donut (pictured above).

According to QSR Magazine, the donuts will be available from August 20-September 30, 2012 at participating Krispy Kremes. The rich and decadent Caramel Apple Cake donut features a glazed apple cake donut topped with caramel icing. While the sweet and fluffy Cotton Candy Donut is the Original Glazed with blue cotton candy sugar.

—Judith Pena, Assistant to the Editor-in-Chief