TGIF! Time to relax with a cocktail!



Sometimes a main ingredient will inspire an entire recipe, while other times, all it takes is a single garnish to spark some inspiration. In this case, it was a gifted tin of Hibiscus-infused salt from Associate Food Editor, Ariana Phillips, that moved me to get my “mixologist” on.

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I blend creamy almond milk into smoothies, stir it into my tea and pour it on my cereal. It’s easy to make your own—plus, homemade tastes fresher and is way cheaper! Click on the photos above for the easy 3-step process!

—Katie Barreira, Senior Test Kitchen Associate

Try your homemade almond milk in our delicious Almond Hot Chocolate!

If you’re looking for a distraction or even just wouldn’t mind one, then we’ve got something for you!

In this kooky video from CDZAthe talented and professionally trained team documents what happens when you translate the lyrics of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air through all 64 languages in Google Translate. As their grand finale and to come “full circle,” the team then translated the final translation back to English. (Yes, it’s a bit confusing, but are you still with me?) Watch what happens and see how "close" the final lyrics are to the original after their linguistic global journey.

Enjoy! And as a word of warning, try to refrain from asking yourself “So, why did CDZA do this?” Cause you ain’t getting an answer. From the words of CDZA themselves, “We have no idea why we did this.”

—Judith Pena, Assistant to the Editor-in-Chief

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